TOTO MS853113 S-01 Review

A high-end way to meet your lavatory needs.

Don’t buy a toilet with the hopes of liking it - buy it only after you’ve liked it.

It’s tricky, I know, but not impossible.

I’ve tried my best to bring everything out about the Toto MS853113S-01 in this review. Read it and decide whether you’ll like it or not.

And this is the closest you’ll get to the real toilet - or so I hope.

Flushing Can’t Get Any Better

If you’ve read my reviews on Toto’s Drake toilets, then you might notice that I’ve already mentioned this.

But apparently, with the Ultramax, Toto has proven to be even better with the power of its flush.

All you’ll need is to hold the flush handle down, and let the toilet take care of the rest.

However, it’s not whisper quiet, which is understandable if you have a look at the way the water whirls and turns inside the bowl.

But then, you won’t notice it anyway because the entire process is extremely fast and would last only for a couple of seconds.

Even the tank fill-up is quick. This won’t make the next person in line to use it wait long to flush.

Say No To Clogs

Clogging is one major issue that most toilets don’t seem to be smart enough to handle.

So, getting to know that the Ultramax can handle it is defintely good news.

In addition to the G-Max flushing mechanism, even the trap way deserves some credit.

It measures up at 2 and1/8 inches - which is wider than most toilets sold today. And this is wide enough to handle all kinds of stools an average person excretes.

This way, your clogging issues will be turned into a nightmare of the past.

SoftClose Closes Softly

It’d be awful if you had to buy a seat separately when you’re already paying an arm and a leg to buy this toilet. So I think including a SoftClose seat is a wise move.

This seat is currently among the most convenient seats on the market. It won’t bring a silent curse to your lips with the typical toilet seat slam.

Instead, it’ll gently lower itself and close without grabbing any attention - which is definitely a wow.

Compact Design Saves Space

This toilet doesn’t limit its service only to a luxury large bathroom. It would even fit right into a bathroom of any size with its compact, neat design.

At 27 x 17 x 28 inches, you can’t consider it as small. But its round front and the one piece design give it a smaller outward appearance.

It’s also nothing short of comfortable. At 15 inches, it’ll accommodate anyone. Your kids won’t have to crawl on to it and sit with their feet dangling.

Many customers believe that this is the ideal size a toilet should have. An extra large toilet would only mean too much space and of course; additional crevices and surface to clean - which I’m pretty sure you aren’t looking forward to do.

I should also add that it looks sleek and modern enough to fit into any bathroom you wish to upgrade.

Mount It Up Easily

Toto toilets have always been easy to install - you can even record your maiden plumbing experience with Toto.

The Ultramax is no different. It has a 12-inch rough-in which makes it easily to connect to most of the waste pipes used today.

While you’ll certainly need help lifting it up, you can install it on your own by simply learning your way through the instruction manual.

Most of the parts are pre-installed. So you’ll have nothing much to do anyway.

In the meantime, don’t forget to either buy or get a wax ring ready for the installation. Like every other Toto toilet, the Ultramax II doesn’t come with one.

Bits About Cleaning

When you buy the Ultramax, you’ll pay for its cleaning as well. Or in other words, a part of the cleaning will be taken up by its flushing mechanism and you’ll be left with cleaning only what it doesn’t.

While it doesn’t need to be done regularly, when you do clean, do it methodically.

Use a non-abrasive cleaner and a soft sponge for scrubbing. The SoftClose seat might give you a little bit of trouble in wiping the dust off but with a lil bit of effort, it could be done spotlessly.


  • Powerful and quiet flush
  • Low water consumption at 1.6 gallons per flush
  • Quick and quiet tank fill-up
  • Convenient height
  • A SoftClose seat is included
  • Easy installation
  • Makes clogs non-existent
  • Good-looking


  • Cleaning could get a little bit tricky
  • Expensive
TOTO MS853113S-01 Ultramax Round One Piece Toilet REVIEW

What's the bottom line?

TOTO MS853113 S-01 Ultramax is a toilet worth considering a buy, specially if your bathroom space is limited.

It could be expensive, but rest assured that you’ll be given a value for every penny spent.

 Check it out on Amazon before making the ultimate decision.

I’ve also written a review on TOTO MS604114 CEFG-01 Ultramax II. It’s currently the most water saving unit of Toto and it uses only 1.28 gallons. So if you’re more concerned about conserving water, then this should be the first toilet you should consider buying.

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