Best Value Two-Piece Toilet – TOTO CST743S-01 Drake Review

An efficient and quiet space saver.

Among the many toilets I’ve reviewed, this is one of those toilets that’s very easy to like.

Before you get your hopes up, let me tell you that it doesn’t have all the juicy features Toto owns the patents for.

And that explains the price, which is quite under the usual expensive price tag of this brand.

But that doesn’t, by any means, make the CST743S-01 Drake less than one of the best buys you could ever make.

It is more like the nearly-perfect compact toilet out there. With it, you don’t have to sacrifice performance to save space.

Almost all buyers on Amazon are content with every penny spent on this unit, which is definitely rare.

So read on and see whether this is what you’ve been looking for!

Flushes like a Dream

One of the customers said that it flushes like a dream and I totally agree.

As I’ve mentioned before, CST743S-01 Drake doesn’t boast many features. But it has Toto’s legendary G-Max flushing system.

This system is strong enough to take down everything in your first attempt itself - regardless of the type of stool it’ll be dealing with.

Even its round bowl is amazing. It holds just the right amount of water to remove smears. This also helps you to get rid of that annoying ‘water splash’ when you empty your bowels.

I also noticed that it’s surprisingly quieter than an average toilet.

There’s more to flushing

It’s fair to think that this unit might be wasting water to get this level of efficiency. But no - it uses only 1.6 gallons.

While it’s not the most efficient when compared to Toto’s newest E-Max system, it still is one of the efficient units out there.

In the meantime, the trap way is wide. You might not notice it as it’s hidden from your view. But it’s deserved to be praised in sending wastes down and it can take up to 900 grams at a time.

You don’t have to worry about the toilet papers either. It won’t say no even if you send heaps through it.

Here is a video demonstrating the Toto Drake toilet.

The Design

Toto has designed the CST743S-01 Drake Round specifically for smaller bathrooms, which also means that it would be ideal for powder rooms and shower rooms.

Even if your bathroom is average in size, this toilet will help you save more space and make it look bigger than it already is.

There are also about 6 colours to choose from so that you won’t end up ruining your bathroom decor.

However, the toilet has a handle instead of a push button to flush. Though the toilet, as a whole, looks sleek, this minor feature gives it a bit of an out-of-date finish.

Points to consider

Unlike most other Toto toilets, this model doesn’t come with a toilet seat. So you need to purchase either a SoftClose seat or a Washlet along with it. This kind of ruins the whole idea of it being cheap.

Then there’s the warranty, which isn’t very impressive as it’s limited to only one year. But given its satisfactory results, I don’t think you’ll have to worry about putting the warranty to use anyway.

Mount it up on your own

Some manufacturers don’t give a fig about providing clear instructions on installation. And that’s when the real frustration begins.

But the good news is that Toto isn’t one of them. One close look at the manual will be enough to install it and if you’re a plumber in your own home, then go ahead, you can do this pretty easily.

There are even YouTube videos, and some are uploaded by customers themselves. You can check those out too. They might help you more in installing it on your own.

Cleaning could’ve been Better

This toilet doesn’t come with Toto’s patented SanaGloss surface. As a result, even though the flush takes down everything in the bowl, it sometimes does leave smears behind.

So you’ll need to do some cleaning, perhaps once in a week.

However, it mainly depends on the type of stool. I’m not going much into detail here and I hope you understand!


  • Quiet and efficient flushing.
  • Easy installation with clear instructions.
  • A wider trap way for a clog-free performance.
  • Well packaged to avoid damages during shipment.
  • Tank fills up quickly.
  • Compact design saves space.
  • Less expensive than competitive models.


  • A toilet seat is not included
  • Tank lid may not fit in perfectly
  • Short warranty

What's the bottom line?

TOTO CST743S-01 Drake

The CST743S-01 Drake is one of the best toilets I’ve reviewed and when it comes to flushing down, it can beat any challenge.

And when you have the Drake, you don’t have to be overly conscious about what food you take in either because it can sure as hell deal with what you send out.

More importantly, if you’ve young kids growing up in your house, then I think the Drake would suit you the most. It’ll also save you room for more things in your bathroom.

In a nutshell, it’s quiet, fast and efficient without clogs and leaks. If you do buy it, then I assure you that you can throw away your plunger altogether.

And if it has whetted your appetite, then don’t forget to check it out on Amazon.

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