Best Value One-Piece Toilet – American Standard 2034.014.020 Champion-4

There’s no better solution than the Champ for your clogging issues – the best value one-piece toilet

Buying a toilet isn’t an easy task - specially if the toilet has mixed reviews.

The American Standard 2034.014.020 Champion-4 has mixed reviews too. So I had to spend a lot of time weighing it’s good and the bad.

While it does seem to have some quality control issues, on so many levels, it’s worth a review and a buy.

If you watch it out well, and stick to the long warranty, you can flush down your worries with its industry-leading flush - which also happens to be my most favourite feature of all.

There’s more to it however, and you can check them all out by simply scrolling down.

Flush Once and for all

Flushing is the biggest selling point of American Standard’s Champion-4. Just like its two piece unit, this one piece unit is no different.

Most households with kids and adults can’t praise it enough because it can flush down almost anything with a single flush.

To be more specific, it can flush down up to 1000 grams of solid waste at once - which is 70% higher than the industry standard.

This, however, is not magic. There are many reasons that helps to achieve this level of power.

To pump water, it has a 4-inch piston valve and the entire flushing process takes just 4 seconds.

Check out this video to see how effective the flush is!​

The water is also very forceful and helps the flush to be smoother, and of course, quieter.


Water consumption is also pretty low at only 1.6 gallons per flush. This way, the Champion-4 not only ensures a powerful, but also an economic flush.

Still, I would’ve preferred if it had a dual-flush. Though it has a great flushing mechanism for solid wastes, the same level of force and water will be used unnecessarily for liquid wastes.

But then, you can always stick to the saying ‘If it’s yellow, let it mellow’ and save heaps of water - and of course - your energy bills.

The design and the specs

It’s kinda weird to admire a toilet - but truth be told - toilets deserve to be praised for the shitty chore they don’t fail to do.

However, the Champion-4 toilet has a definitely-admirable design. Made up of vitreous china, it has an elongated bowl that measures at 32.1 x 30.5 x 20.9 inches.

Though it takes up a bit of space, it’s more comfortable to place your thighs. Honestly, I would choose an elongated toilet over a round one in a heartbeat.

It’s also sleek, and modern looking in one-piece. So both cleaning and installing is made easier.

There are also many colours to choose from so that you won’t end up buying yourself a toilet that would stick out like a sore thumb next to your carefully chosen deco.

However, it’s important to note that the unit is about 120 pounds, which is pretty heavy. So don’t expect carrying it up the stairs to be easy.

EverClean keeps it clean

One might think that having a cleaner toilet means regular cleaning. But the Champion-4’s EverClean surface proves otherwise.

Unlike the ordinary toilets, this patented technology gives a smoother, shinier surface to its toilets.


All smears would be gone after you flush the toilet and you’ll rarely be left with any cleaning.

Even the troublesome mold and mildew will have no space to grow as EverClean doesn’t invite their presence.

However, when you do clean it, don’t forget to use milder soap or washing powder. This way, you’ll be able to use the toilet for long years.


Apart from the elongated shape, even the height ensures comfort. With a seat, which isn’t included in the package and should be bought separately, the toilet rises up to 16 and a 1/2 inches.

This height is certified by ADA, which also means that it’s the standard height a toilet should have.

However, your kids might find it to be a bit too high. But for adults, short or tall, there’s nothing to complain.

Throw your plunger away

It’ll no longer be needed to be plunged into your toilet once you buy yourself a Champion-4.


Believe it or not, this toilet has the largest trapway in the toilet industry. It’s wide-open at 8 inches and anything would go pass it without a hitch.

The manufacturers even advertise to have sent down a dozen of golf balls with a single flush!

Warranty adds value

Longevity and warranty often go hand in hand. That’s why, a decade worth warranty on all internal and external parts adds so much value on your purchase.

So before you buy, get hold of all the conditions of the product’s warranty. Plus, don’t forget to check the product thoroughly on delivery.

This way, disappointments could be avoided if the product is damaged while being shipped.

What's the bottom line?

To my mind, Champion-4 is the best model among the American Standard toilets and it’s not a wonder how it ended up being a best-seller.

Check it out on Amazon for latest price.

I’ve also written a review on American Standard 221DA.004.021 Colony. While it doesn’t boast many bells and whistles like this Champ, it would get the job done - flawlessly. It’s also cheap and that makes it more affordable to everyone.

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