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No one wants to admit it, but the toilet is the one place that makes us feel comfortable and at peace. With the invention of smartphones, we could stay for hours there, watching a series or simply reading the newspaper.

And if there’s anything that we have noticed, it’s that Toto toilets are present in a lot of houses nowadays? 

Best Toto Toilets of 2018

Depending on your requirements, the best Toto toilet might be different from what you’ve previously seen in your friend’s house.

To make the decision easier for you, we have gathered a few popular toilet options for you to sit on and decide.


Flushing System

Noise Level

Clog Free


TOTO MS964214 CEFG-01

(Our Top Pick)

Double Cyclone



TOTO MS853113S-01

(The Runner Up)




Double Cyclone



Dual Flush







Extremely Low


Dual Flush



Double Cyclone



Double Cyclone



1. TOTO MS964214 CEFG-01 Eco Soiree - Our Top Pick

There are many toilets out there that use whole gallons of water to flush down the waste – therefore making our bills go way up. However, considering that it only uses 1.28 gallons per flush, the Eco Soiree us the perfect choice for those who want to cut down on some costs.

Since it does not use that much water, the Eco Soiree needs to utilize a different kind of technology – namely, the Double Cyclone flushing system. Since the water will spiral and swirl inside the toilet bowl, all the waste will be wrapped under pressure and sent down the drain.

It may not be one of the quietest toilets out there – but it’s not very noisy either. The action is short-lived, and you won’t wake up the household if you decide to take a midnight trip to the bathroom.

The comfort of this toilet will be mostly decided by how tall you are. If you are more than 5’5” tall, then the Eco Soiree will feel very comfortable for you. Its height is even approved for people in a wheelchair, allowing them to shift positions much easier.

This toilet looks fancy, is comfortable, and is very easy to maintain. Installation is done in a breeze, and you may do it by yourself by simply following the instructions manual. Since it’s a one-piece model, it shouldn’t be difficult at all.

The Good

  • Efficient Double-Cyclone flushing system that keeps the bowl clean
  • It does not consume as much water as other toilets
  • It does not require much cleaning
  • Easy installation
  • Comfortable height

The Bad

  • It is rather expensive
  • The flushing noise can be relatively loud

2. TOTO MS853113S-01 - The Runner-Up

The first Ultramax is yet again a very comfortable choice that people will enjoy sitting on. Having a fairly compact frame, it’s one of those designs that you can’t say is extremely small, but not very big either – especially considering that it’s a one-piece model.

Its looks are also modern enough to fit with any design or upgrade type. Therefore, no matter if you have a traditional bathroom or one with more modern touches, the Ultramax will fit right in. 

The power flush provided by Toto’s Ultramax is also superior. The process may not be whisper-quiet, but it’s fast enough so that everything will be done within just a couple of seconds.

 The water tank will be filled just as fast, so the next person won’t have to wait for ages until they can use the toilet.

Featuring a G-max flushing system, the Ultramax is also very good at handling clogs – in the sense that they won’t happen. The trap way is also wide enough to handle all kinds of stools, minimizing the chances of you going through a crappy situation (pun intended).

The toilet also features a SoftClose seat that is not only very comfortable to sit on – but very quiet to close as well. Instead of lowering itself with a noisy and embarrassing slam, it will go down quietly so that no silent curse will escape your lips.

The Good

  • Powerful and quick flushing
  • It has a comfortable height
  • Fairly low water consumption (1.6 gallons)
  • SoftClose seat is quiet
  • Easily installed
  • Clog-free

The Bad

  • Cleaning can get tricky on the exterior part
  • It is fairly expensive

3. Toto MS604114 CEFG-01 Ultramax II – The Upgrade

The Ultramax II is basically an upgrade of the Ultramax 1 – one that uses far less water than the first one. Using only 1.28 gallons of water per flush, this product is highly eco-friendly and is substantially different from its 1.6-gallon sibling.

Featuring cyclone-type swirls, the pressurized water will force the waste away, cleaning the toilet bowl while it’s at it.

This way, you won’t have to push a second time to get a good flush – even if your stool is the kind that learned how to swim.

The price is not among the lowest – but considering the water you will be saving, it will definitely help you recover that money in the long run.

It has a SanaGloss surface, so this toilet is very simple to clean – in the sense that it doesn’t get dirty that easily. You’ll mostly have to clean half the toilet – namely, the exterior – since the interior will be done by the water jet.

Plus, the SanaGloss is glossy and smooth, providing a nice and elegant look to your toilet. And it should look that way, considering that it’s popularly referred to as a “throne.”

Like most late generation Toto toilet seats, the Ultramax II also features a SoftClose seat – which will prevent any accidental noisy slams. The water flush noise is also relatively low, and most of the time, you won’t even notice it going when a hose mate flushes it.

Overall, this is a toilet that is easy to install, easy to use, and easy to maintain. No matter if you are a kid or an adult, you won’t have problems using it.

The Good

  • Powerful and efficient flush
  • Efficient water usage
  • SoftClose seat
  • SanaGloss surface that keeps the seat clean
  • Simple installation
  • Quiet operation
  • It is compact

The Bad

  • It can be fairly small for some
  • The warranty is short

4. TOTO CST744SL Drake 2-Piece Ada Toilet – Low-consumption Unit

The Drake toilet seats are fairly popular nowadays and for a good reason. All of them are indeed similar to each other but have several features that place them apart from one another.

This model may be advertised as a low-consumption model, but it is definitely not a low-power one as well. One flush is generally all you’ll need – and while it may use 1.6 gallons of water (compared to other Toto models that use 1.28), it is still considered a highly efficient unit.

Featuring a 2-1/8 inch trap, all waste will be efficiently flushed without clogging. There’s no challenge level that this one can’t handle.

The Drake Ada toilet may not be advertised as a dual-flush toilet – but it can function like one. While it may not have separate handles for light and full flushes, you do have the option of pressing the flush button halfway. This way, you’ll only use around one gallon of water – which is enough to take down the liquid waste. 

Measuring 16 inches without the seat, this toilet is very comfortable to sit on if you have an average height. The SoftClose seat is purchased separately, and it will also raise the seat up to about an inch.

The elongated design also adds to the comfort, especially for the men. Plus, it adds a modern touch, and it will be an appropriate choice for most bathrooms today.

The Good

  • Efficient and powerful flushing
  • Wide trap that prevents clogging
  • Quick-filling tank
  • Quiet performance
  • Easy installation

The Bad

  • Wax ring and toilet seat are not included (only purchased separately)
  • Short warranty

5. Toto CST744SG-01 Drake – Compact Design

If you want something not too fancy but not too plain either, you may want to give this Drake unit a try. When it comes to design, convenience, and efficiency, it is definitely a model that will turn heads.

Featuring a G-Max flushing system, this toilet uses pressurized water to send the waste down the trap in one smooth swoosh-and-swirl. Plus, considering that it only uses 1.6 gallons per full flush, it is also environmentally friendly – and it will save you a lot of money on the bill.

For a full flush, you will need to hold the handle for about 3 seconds. This way, all the 1.6 gallons will be used, and it will flush all the solid waste away. 

For a lighter flush (liquid waste), you can push the handle halfway or release it quicker. This way, you’ll only use around a gallon of water, therefore saving even more money.

Featuring a SanaGloss surface, this toilet seat won’t get slimy or greasy easily. And in the event that it does get that way, all it will take is a flush to take it down the drain.

You may, however, want to be careful, since this surface is particularly sensitive. To prolong its shine, you may want to use mild soap and non-abrasive cleaners.

Last but not least, its compact design makes it very easy to install and comfortable to sit on. It will fit in any type of bathroom – although its elongated style may not be suitable for very small bathrooms.

The Good

  • Clear instructions that make the installation process simple
  • SanaGloss surface that keeps bowl clean
  • Water efficient
  • Clog-proof
  • Elegant and sleek design
  • Powerful flush

The Bad

  • The flushing handle may get tricky to use
  • It doesn’t include wax ring, flange bolts or toilet seat in the price.

6. TOTO CST743S-01 Drake – The Quietest Unit

Once more, the Drake series keeps attracting customers – and this model is definitely one that will fit every bathroom. Being available in 6 colors from white to beige, black, and other nuances, you may choose the one you believe works best with your design.

Featuring a G-Max flushing system, this toiled it very quiet, very powerful, and very easy to use. Furthermore, considering that it has a fairly large 2-1/8 inch trap way, this toilet will not get clogged that easily – or at all.

This model is made like most old-model Toto toilets – but it’s still water-efficient and makes no waste. Using only 1.6 gallons per flush, it will efficiently send solid and liquid matter down the trap, without leaving any “floaters” around.

This model is quieter than most toilets, and it also has a quick flushing action. Therefore, even if you go to the toilet in the middle of the night, you won’t wake up the whole house when you simply want to flush “something” down the drain. 

With its round bowl, this toilet was specifically made for small bathrooms and shower rooms.

It also comes with clear installation instructions – so even if you are not a professional plumber, it should not be difficult for you.

It doesn’t have the signature SanaGloss surface that marks most of the Toto toilets, so it might leave smears that could take an extra flush or two to take off – or some cleaning once every week. However, since the water flushing has a fairly strong pressure, most of it will go away from the first flush.

The Good

  • Quick and quiet flushing
  • Wide trap makes it clog-free
  • Easy installation
  • Clog-proof
  • Compact design that helps save space
  • Not as expensive as most Toto toilets

The Bad

  • It doesn’t include a toilet seat
  • Short warranty
  • Tank lid may be difficult to fit

7. TOTO CST416M#01 Aquia II 2-Piece Toilet – Quick Installation

Made from vitreous china, this toilet is as resistant as it is elegant. Coming in two easily-installed pieces, this toilet can be installed by yourself – even if you are not a licensed plumber.

The design is compact, and also modern enough that you will get a lot of compliments on it. There are 7 colors from which you can choose, from lighter to darker nuances. This way, you may choose the unit according to the color palette of your bathroom.

The Aquia features a dual flush that you may choose depending on the things that you want to flush away. If it’s solid waste, then you may go for the full flush that will take around 1.6 gallons of water.

On the other hand, if it’s liquid waste, you can go for the “light flush” that will take around 1 gallon of water – therefore saving on the bill.

Since it does not have many nooks or inaccessible places, this toilet is very easy to clean. All it will generally take is a wipe every week – or every once in a while when you see smears.

This model may not have the SanaGloss surface of the latest Toto toilets – but thanks to its design, it won’t get dirty that easily.

All it will take to clean any particular smears are a few dips of a toilet brush, and it will be all clean.

The Aquia is perfect for all kinds of bathrooms – no matter if they are larger or smaller. It does not have a toilet seat included in the price – but you can purchase it separately from Toto.

The Good

  • Affordable
  • Elegant, modern look
  • Compact
  • Easy to install

The Bad

  • Sometimes, residue is left on the surface
  • The flush valve is sensitive

8. TOTO CST454CEFG#11 Drake II 2-Piece Toilet – Best Value for the Money

This single-flush, two-piece toilet is also one of the most popular Toto models – mostly because it’s so modern and efficient. Featuring the latest Toto technology, this toilet is not only easy to install but very powerful and very convenient.

Featuring Double-Cyclone technology, the water is sent in circles through the bowl, therefore cleaning more efficiently any residue that was left. Plus, compared to the standard Toto toilet that uses 1.6 gallons of water, this one uses only 1.28 – therefore saving water in the long run.

At 16 inches high, this toilet is very comfortable to sit on.

If you are an average to tall user, you will feel very comfortable using it – and the same thing applies if you are a person with weak knees or disabilities.

There were some mentions that shorter people or children might feel slightly odd, but that can be fixed if you get a foot support.

This toilet seat does not feature the SanaGloss that we are used with from Toto, but the CeFiONtect glaze. This will prevent any waste from sticking to the toilet – leaving it nice and clean after every flush.

Overall, this toilet is durable, powerful, and a perfect money-saver. It may not be the most affordable option out there, but considering how much water it saves, you will literally get your money’s worth.

The Good

  • Powerful flush
  • Comfortable height
  • CeFiONtect glaze doesn’t allow waste to stick
  • It is easy to clean

The Bad

  • The flush is rather noisy
  • The black toilet only uses standard glaze

9. Toto CST474CEFGNo.01 Vespin II – The Most Comfortable Unit

If you are looking for something simple yet effective, then the Vespin II is definitely something to consider. Rated by many users as a high-quality piece, this model is as durable as it is convenient.

Featuring a SanaGloss coating, this model is very easy to clean. Moreover, you won’t have to clean it very often – except for the exterior and the occasional full clean. Plus, its double cyclone technology not only uses less water than the average toilet – but offers a much better cleaning performance.

Featuring a skirted bowl, its opening is large enough to hold your thighs comfortably.

It will be like sitting on a comfortable chair – and if you feel like sitting through a TV-series binge-watch on your phone, you can do it without any issues.

Overall, this toilet seat is very comfortable, easy to clean, and a charm on your water bill. Considering its compact form, it will be very easy for you to fit in any kind of bathroom – big or small.

The Good

  • The skirted bowl is very comfortable
  • Self-cleaning SanaGloss-covered ceramic bowl
  • Double Cyclone technology
  • Attractive design
  • Efficient water usage (1.28 gallons)

The Bad

  • Fairly challenging to install

What makes Toto More Special Compared to Other Toilet Brands?

Well, the main reason is definitely the innovation in design. Toto first started gaining popularity after the Kanto earthquake in 1923 – a time when most of Tokyo’s sewerage system had to be rebuilt.

Since Toto was one of the most convenient options back then, most customers turned to this brand as their main provider.

toto toilets washlet

In 1964, Toto built a series of modular toilets for the Olympics and in 1977 they built the first washlet. By 1990, Toto literally “washed” over the whole North America, equipping almost every bathroom with one of their models.

Now, Toto manufactures all types of toilets, each having its own, unique set of features. Some of them feature a specialized germ-free glazed finish, some have a heater, and others come with extras such as see-in-the-dark LEDs.


Nothing is more important than choosing the right toilet for your home. Depending on the one that you select, you can have the same toilet in your home for the next 10 or 20 years – and no one wants to sit on an uncomfortable toilet that brings more trouble than it’s worth.

Toto has always excelled when it comes to toilets. By looking at them, they all seem normal at first – if only just shiny and elegant – but nothing out of the ordinary. The difference, however, is noticeable when you flush.

Once you press that lever, it all starts with the sound. A good toilet will barely be noticeable – and while it’s impossible to be completely silent, it will still be quiet enough to not disturb the whole house. Add a quick flushing duration to that, and you have the perfect toilet in your house.

Plus, a toilet that cleans itself is one that we all love; no one likes scrubbing poop off the toilet every week – so the less we see, the better. This is why you will need to look for a toilet that has some sort of coating that doesn’t allow the waste to adhere to the surface.

Regardless of the Toto toilet that you purchase, you will get these features at a decent price. Granted, some of them may be slightly more expensive – but if you want long-lasting quality, you shouldn’t be afraid of paying a few extra bucks for it.

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