Best Elongated Two Piece Toilet – American Standard 2886.216.020 Review

Saves water, trouble and money.

This isn’t the first toilet I’ve reviewed, and I actually don’t need to have experience to know that this one is on the rare side.

I wouldn’t say it’s perfect - I haven’t come across anything that is perfect.

But I would confidently say that this won’t bring you any trouble and would stay true to its words.

So if you’re on the market to buy yourself an economical toilet, then this unit is definitely worth considering.

And if you scroll down and see everything it offers, I’m sure you’ll find the price tag to be a surprise.

Let’s do it, shall we?

Dual-flush is the Best

Among all the features that make the H2Option a best-seller, the dual-flush is my favourite.

In my opinion, a dual-flush toilet is the best - as it saves a lot of water than a toilet with a single flush.

To be more specific, the savings are about 25% - which could turn out to be massive if we all can buy one of these.

With only 1 gallon of water for a light flush, you can flush down the liquid wastes without any remorse.

And for solid wastes, use the more powerful flush that uses 1.6 gallons of water. Through this, you can send 1000 grams of solid wastes at once.

This is also the largest amount in the industry.

To achieve this level of efficiency, the American Standard uses the Siphonic Action Technology for which the patent is pending.

I also noticed that both the light and the heavy flushes are very, very quiet.

Video : H2Options Toilet Demo by American Standard

A modern design

One look at it is enough to know that it’ll go right into the bathroom you’ve upgraded.

The manufacturers have adapted a modern design which also looks very American. However, it’s the vitreous China that gives it a sleek finish from the top to the bottom.

You’ll also notice that instead of an old-fashioned lever for flushing the toilet, there are two push buttons at the top of the tank.

The relatively smaller button is for the light flush and the other is obviously for the heavy flush - ensuring that neither you nor your guests will confuse themselves with the dual flush.

Comes with the WaterSense approval

Like many other American Standard toilets, this one too, is a low consumption unit.

For a third party assurance, it even has the approval of WaterSense.

This is even more beneficial if your local authority offers tax rebates on your efforts to conserve water.

The best part is that you can obtain up to $100 on rebates. So make sure you contact the relevant authorities and check whether they offer this benefit.

Meets the ADA standards

At a comfortable rim height of 16.5 inches, H2Option easily meets the specifications set by ADA.

This ensures that not only the elderly and the disabled, but also anyone in your home will be at ease while using it.

Knee pains and discomfort in placing legs will also be at minimum, specially because this toilet is elongated in shape. You’ll have ample room sit comfortably like you would on a chair.

Patented EverClean surface

Hygiene in the toilet is very important - but not something any one of us is looking forward to do every single day.

That’s when the EverClean surface comes to the rescue - it keeps the toilet spick and span for a long time.

Of course the powerful flush takes away a part of the credit. But this glossy, smooth surface makes it easier to efficiently wash away the smears and smudges.

What’s more, it even ensures that mold, mildew and many other bacteria stay the farthest as possible from the toilet.

As a result, cleaning has turned into only an effortless, occasional chore.

Speed Connect to speed up Installation

You might think that because this is a two piece toilet, installation could turn out to be a tedious work.

But Speed Connect ensures that it’s anything but that.

You get everything you’ll need with the package - like the bolts, the wax ring, grommets and tools.

Better still, the bolts and grommets are halfway installed. You’ll only have to tighten them up and add some finishing touches.

Even the instructions are clear and straightforward - making the process easier and 30% less time-consuming.

This way, you can end up doing it on your own, or save some amount paid to the plumber.

Warranty is good as far as it goes

It’s fair to expect a longer warranty than the 5-year warranty you get. But to be honest, given the price you pay, this warranty is pretty good.

It covers almost every part of your toilet as well. However, don’t forget to check out its conditions before you buy.

What's the bottom line?

American Standard 2886.216.020 H2Option Dual Flush Toilet review

Needless to say, when compared to the similar models on the market, the 2886.216.020 is definitely cheap.

It also has a lot to offer, making it easily fall into the category of best-buys.

Along with the toilet, if you buy yourself a slow close seat, I think your purchase would be complete.

And don’t forget to check the prices by heading over to Amazon.

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